Just Like Today

The New World Trade Center, June 2012

The sky was crystal blue, just like today. It was a Tuesday (just like today.) I was doing my job, teaching people how to do things, just like today. A colleague rushed into my room and grabbed me by the shoulders. They’ve bombed the Pentagon, she said. No one knows where they will hit next, she said. Her eyes were wild. She paused a moment, then fled. I thought she must be overreacting. I turned on the TV in my room and watched without breathing the world change forever.

I heard as through a down pillow the words of the news reporter: twin towers, jetliners, accident, planned, terrorists, North Tower, South Tower, the Pentagon. The White House is being evacuated, the Sears tower is being evacuated, my senses are being evacuated. Then my eyes watched on live television as thousands of people who had things to do and lives to live and people to hold and children to raise and parents to make proud and friends to laugh with become…no more. Just…no more.

You must breathe now. (Just like today.)

Later, after the unbelieving chaos of the day smoothed itslef like a clean sheet onto an old bed (covering things that you would rather not think about) I walked out into the still-alive early Autumn weather under a perfect blue sky entirely devoid of jet trails and wondered what the next few days would hold. The world that had changed forever still looked so blue and hopeful and promising.

And still I had to remind myself to breathe (just like today).


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Still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Pictures are my lifeline, words are my wings.
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7 Responses to Just Like Today

  1. Well written…One of the things that struck me about the event is that so many Americans thought the world changed that day, as you’ve said, and I guess their (our) world did. But for so much of the world, they never have felt safe, and violence and terror has filled their streets and their reality for their lifetimes. I’m so sorry that the trauma spread to our soil too, but I hope our compassion reaches the families torn by terror around the world as well as our families at home. And I thank all those who’s actions large and small eased the suffering on that day and since that day for those who have lost so much. Thanks for sharing this today.

  2. techlady911 says:

    Sherrij, that idea played deeply into what I’ve written. Once I got over the enormous shock, I couldn’t help but think of the millions all over the world who live every day with the threat of this kind of destruction and fear as an undercurrent to things like cooking dinner and putting the children to bed. It is unimaginable to me.
    Thank you for reminding me. I’m happy you’re here.

  3. This is a topic we all can identify with, but because each one of us has a unique experience with those events, it can be difficult to write meaningfully about. You did a grand job. Thanks!

    • techlady911 says:

      Thank you so much. The words wrote themselves on this one. It surprised me how close to the surface my feelings are – still – when I watch news reports from that day. It brings it all back.
      Thank you for reading!

  4. bronxboy55 says:

    With just a handful of paragraphs, you’ve expressed the mixture of feelings perfectly. It’s hard to believe eleven years have passed, and still impossible to fathom what happened that day.

    • techlady911 says:

      Thank you so much. It means a lot to hear this. I had watched a History Channel special on September 10th about the attack, which reminded me of all the little details that I’d put out of my mind, the minute-by-minute confusion and horror of the day. Then, when September 11th dawned crystal clear and full of promise, it triggered the old emotions. Eloquence would not come – so I simply wrote what I was feeling. It makes me happy that it moved you as well.

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