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This is my first year teaching Freshmen. I’ve taught Juniors and Seniors for most of my career. Upperclassmen embody the best of the teenage years – still young enough to enjoy a good prank or to have fun in class, … Continue reading

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Freezing, or in the Process of

I miss snow. My heart’s been pretty wintry the past few days. It feels like it might just as well snow and get on with it.

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Adopted, Part 2 (of many)

Abandoned Ungrateful Silenced Dismissed Misunderstood Rejected Unlike Disconnected Deserted Different I started the list as a way to organize my thoughts for this post. But the more I looked at it, the more it looked finished the way it was. … Continue reading

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Existential Grammar

(Brushing away cobwebs) It’s been a long time. NaBloWriMo is the perfect kick that I need to restart this habit. So to ease back in, here is a glimpse of the things that take up room in my head. Room … Continue reading

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