Confuse & Conquer the Class Troublemaker

Dear Lord, Dear Lord, DEAR LORD did I need to see this today! I am going to use this approach immediately. Fingers crossed.

Laura Randazzo – Solutions for the Secondary Classroom

Every year, without fail, the power play begins. In the first week of school, there’s always at least one class with That Kid. You know, the one who’s testing you. Rolling his eyes. Not-so-covertly texting on her phone. Or, more aggressively, dropping a snarky comment in the midst of your lecture. The battle for control of the class has begun.

Instead of launching the usual path of warnings/referrals/calls homes, try using the most effective tool in your Classroom Discipline Arsenal – Respect. Wait, what? Yeah, respect the kid even when he/she doesn’t deserve it. Here’s how the script rolls each and every year:

[Inappropriate moment has just occurred]
Me[in a calm tone]: Mark, I need to talk to you after class.[I continue teaching.]

[After the period is over and the classroom has emptied]
Me: Thanks for hanging back for a second, Mark. I noticed that you were…

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