Here’s to the New Year

I’ve been inspired by the posts of several friends. I think it’s time to make a list of goals for this new year. I hesitate to call them New Year’s Resolutions, because I am notoriously bad at keeping those. But I really do want to achieve these few things. Achieving them will make my life better. So here goes.

1. I will shift my thinking on cleaning my house, from thinking of it as a job to keeping a home. This way it isn’t a chore. It’s the maintenance of a good life.
2. I will gain control of my psyche, so that I will no longer cry every time I feel an emotion. Seriously – happy or sad, I feel it acutely and I cry. I’m tired of crying so easily, for no real reason.
3. I will keep my work life and my non-work life separate. I will do this by allocating a block of time at home for work, and keeping to that schedule.
4. I will organize and prioritize my work for the coming day at the end of each work day. A written list posted in a visible place will help me stay on track. It will also allow my colleagues and administrator to see where they might be in line for service.
5. I will continue to enrich my life with reading for pleasure. Even though the line between pleasure reading and work-related reading blurs regularly.
6. I will, finally, choose a path into the future, and do whatever I need to do to assure steady progress. No more dithering.
7. I will find a solution to my worrying. I joke about it (as does the rest of my family), but I really, TRULY want to get control of it. It’s completely non-productive, it steals my sleep and my peace of mind, and it’s not funny any more.

So there they are. I made only one resolution last year, and I failed to keep it for long. Let’s see how well I do in 2012.

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11 Responses to Here’s to the New Year

  1. Thanks for the New Year’s post – Please keep us posted as to how the one about controlling the psyche goes. I have the same problem (yes, it really becomes a problem, doesn’t it?), and would love to figure out a way to talk about my upcoming wedding, or to talk to my boss about something bothering me, without feeling the tears well up in my eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚ Dear Abby… please help!

  2. nmaha says:

    Happy New Year.

    Please keep us updated on the psyche controlling thing. I really need to learn the same and have no clue where to start.

  3. J. Ploober says:

    Prozac!! It has made a HUGE difference in my life.

  4. I used to cry easily in work situations and it really bugged me. One time I cried in a meeting with a guy and he told me I was emotional just like his girlfriend which I found really belittling and it made me furious. I told him he had no right to compare me to his girlfriend and make comments like that but it was too late I felt like my power was lost in that situation. I can’t tell you what changed but somewhere along the line I think I just stopped taking things so personally and now I don’t cry as easily. However I don’t think crying should be seen as a problem in the work space. Its actually just a sign that you are invested in what you’re doing and care about it which should be a good thing right? I’m reading the biography of Steve Jobs and he cried at the drop of a hat in business meetings because he was passionate about what he did. Sure people thought it was a bit odd but it didn’t stop him from being a powerful business man and since reading that I’m not going to worry if I ever cry in a business meeting again!

  5. The PE teacher at the school where I teach has encouraged the children to run through the halls making high-pitched “Eeeeek!” noises, like a gaggle of geese. I nearly cried today, because the noise caused such an excruciating sensation in my brain.

    I feel your pain.

    • Margaret Fleming says:

      I’m with you, Esther. A weekend intensive sponsored by an MFCC, filled with an endless roomful of primal noises, made me cry for hours.

  6. Good luck on achieving your goals! I am right there with you on all of them. The worry is better though…better life through pharmacology and all that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. The Hook says:

    Good luck in the new year!

  8. Margaret Fleming says:

    Thank you! Just reading what I know but don’t do, as you re-word it, makes it new

  9. lukonia says:

    New Years Resolutions are deemed to fail. I am terrible at them but 2012 is a new year, time to try something fresh. Hence my new found adoration for bloggers and blogging. I am trying, let’s just see how long it lasts!

  10. I used to cry at the drop of a hat too, untill I realized that nobody cares….

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