Can’t You Just Smell the Green?

I felt the need to post this here tonight. It’s been so gray and dismal, both outside and in my soul, that I need a small reminder that it won’t last forever.

This is the place where I spend every spare minute in good weather. I have all the comfy furniture strategically placed so that I have the perfect vantage point for every mood: the chair on the outside corner (the one facing you directly here) for when I want to feel nature envelop me, the chair on the inside corner when I need a little more “grounding”, or the loveseat against the wall for either snoozing or really involved bird and butterfly watching. Late afternoon is my favorite time on the porch, as I can watch the sun set through the thick growth of trees. I love seeing the golden light playing through the leaves, changing, sparkling, dazzling, then fading. But if it’s a rainy day – all the better! I’ll spend the entire day out here, reveling in the scent and sound of the rain.

That crazy-haired bush right outside the screen is a butterfly bush. Watching butterflies lightens my being, and I’m so happy I planted this – not only for the variety of butterflies it attracts, but for the beauty of the purple flowers it produces in abundance.

If you inspect the perimeter of the yard carefully you’ll see a few of my many bird feeders. Watching and listening to the birds that come to feed is one of my most cherished treasures in good weather. My heart sings and twitters right along with them. Nothing on earth is quite like it, I think.

Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be (wait for it) GRAY and dismal again. But if can hang on a while longer, plow through the rest of the school year, this is what I have to look forward to.


About techlady911

Still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Pictures are my lifeline, words are my wings.
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2 Responses to Can’t You Just Smell the Green?

  1. seeliewood says:

    This looks like a slice of Heaven. 🙂

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