I’m Posting Every Day in 2011

I’m joining the WordPress challenge to post every day on my blog.

This sounds like an enormous challenge right now, as I’m just getting started in the blog business. But there’s no better way to start a good habit than to know that a bunch of people are watching, and waiting, and cheering you on. So here goes. A post a day.

Today’s prompt was this: What would you tell yourself ten years ago? I’m going to go back further. Here is how the conversation would go twenty years ago, to a very pregnant thirty-two-year-old me:

You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into now. Having one child is wondrous, but two makes a family. Two means there are squabbles, sharing, silliness times two, and so much love everywhere that sometimes you feel like you’ll drown in it. It also means your attention has to be multiplied, not divided, and small children don’t take “in a minute – I’m changing your sister’s diaper” for an answer. You have no clue how much fun you’re going to have soon – these two kids are a riot. And just wait till you find out how deep the bond between a mother and a daughter can be. You think having a son is great? It is. But a daughter…oh my, what a difference. I know you’re a little scared right now, because so many little girls you’ve known have been such simpering fluffheads. Not to worry – as your friend Pauline predicted, you will NOT raise one of those! (She’s an amazing young woman.) But here’s the thing: these two kids will alternately wring your heart and soul, then launch them into the stratosphere. The son won’t follow the predicted path, and your relationship with him – right now, so deep and strong – will ultimately be a little strained and odd. But he’s a strong person, and intelligent, and loving to his girlfriend. (Good result, right?) The little girl who’ll make her entrance in less than a month will be the sparkle in your days, and the reason your hair goes gray very fast. (And her hair doesn’t stay red, unfortunately.)

So just take a deep breath and take it all in. It flies by in an instant. (No kidding.)


About techlady911

Still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Pictures are my lifeline, words are my wings.
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3 Responses to I’m Posting Every Day in 2011

  1. Stacey says:

    welcome to the postaday2011 club 🙂

  2. seeliewood says:

    I missed that invitation! I’m trying to post every day ANYWAY (I’ve missed a couple), but the prompts sound like fun. I remember that adorable pregant 32-year-old you very well.

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