Some Things that Make Me Smile

  • Christmas lights – clear, multi-colored, incandescent, LED – doesn’t matter. I love Christmas lights.
  • The deep blue night – a clear, moonless night, and nothing else to do but look up and dream.
  • A clear sky with a full moon – something primal about it, something that stirs in my genetic memory, a feeling that I’m seeing a full moon through the trees in pre-historic Wales. (I’m painted blue.)
  • The colors indigo and deep, deep red.
  • Jon Stewart. Without fail.
  • My husband, when he allows himself to set aside the overwhelming burden of his job.
  • My son’s smile.
  • My daughter’s laugh. It is the BEST.
  • My Scotty Emme.  Again, without fail. (Well okay – not when she tinkles on the carpet. But all other times.) She has a look that is identical to Jock’s from Lady & the Tramp when she’s happy to see me: her head tilts, her ears lay back slightly, and she opens her mouth just enough for her two lower canine teeth to show. Her tail wags furiously, and all of a sudden I am the most wonderful person on earth.
  • Watching a student develop and become proficient with new skills. I teach a skills-based class; most kids come in with no real knowledge of the television or video production process. It is beyond satisfying to see them succeed – and enjoy it. (I love being the teacher whose class kids can’t wait to get to every day.)
  • A warm bed on a cold night. Proof of God? Electric blankets.
  • Snow. Lots of snow.
  • Water. I love the ocean, small streams, swimming pools, waterfall wall fountains, glasses of water on a windowsill – I love water.
  • The smell of fresh air in my bedroom. I open the windows in spring & fall, and air flows freely through that room like nowhere else in the house. Oh my, but I love that scent.

About techlady911

Still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Pictures are my lifeline, words are my wings.
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